Julius Trotter

28th May 2017

Wrexham, Wales, United Kingdom

Quick Summary:  Some things happened this week, and now I’m in Wales.

More in Depth:  This week has been rather odd.  A big thing that happened even before I posted last weeks update, was that God really challenged me to go out of my comfort zone and tell at least one person a day, whom I don’t know, that Jesus loves them.  What a wild ride this week has been.  The week started with me going for a little walk, believing I was on a walking trail, only to realize that it was actually a biking trail.  A well used biking trail, I might add.  Upon my arrival as a walker on this trail, in my search for someone to tell the good news about Jesus, I quickly understood that my main audience was going to be bikers.  So, I decided to just share quickly as they biked past.  Which essentially looked like me walking by and shouting “Jesus loves you!” at each passing biker.  Initially I felt a wee bit foolish, but then quickly woke up to the reality that most of them could barely hear me, and they were going to quickly go away anyways, so there wasn’t going to be any awkward, standing around looking at each other.  Upon this realization dawning on me, I became fearless as though I was Paul preaching to the masses.  After my short walk, and Jesus loving, I went home with a grin, feeling quite full and satisfied at a job well done.  Only when I went and rendezvoused with my Father, he quickly mentioned to me that yelling at bikers isn’t really the love he was looking for me to give, but that he appreciated the effort and heart behind it.

The next day, I decided I had better go find the bus station, because the next day I had to catch a morning bus, and I wanted to know where the station was.  After a quick point in the right direction from someone on base, I was off.  The path I had to follow lead me down a walk-way filled with people.  To continue with what God had been saying, I began telling these random people I passed that Jesus loves them.  Realizing very quickly, that most people are very accepting of that fact.  Except for one random kid who yelled at me with words that I’m quite sure were not English.  Even though at this time I was in England, their posh accents throw me for a loop sometimes.  I came to a cross walk, where there was a mid-cross stop.  There was a biker there who had a backpack on, and was messing with his seat.  I wasn’t fully sure where I was going, if I was even going in the right direction.  After requesting some directions from this biker, I quickly said the words I had been telling everyone “Jesus loves you.”  Tears began forming in this mans eyes, as he began thanking me deeply, telling me that is what he needed to hear.  So, in this cross-walk, this man allowed me to pray with him, and then he opened up and told me about all of the garbage that was going on in his life.  I was then able to share God’s love for him and how deeply loved and important he really is.  This man’s name is Elliot, do pray for him.  I was so impressed with God, that he could use me and three simple words, “Jesus loves you” to totally change someone’s perception on reality.  Go God!

So, the week continued, I went to London for a day in an attempt to be a tourist (I’m a terrible tourist).  They literally charge for everything in London, even the bathrooms.  It is the most ridiculous thing ever.  I refused to pee that entire day.  I didn’t pee for 15 hours.  I was determined not to spend even a pence more than what my bus-fare cost to get there.  I realized when I got onto the bus, that I hadn’t eaten breakfast, nor had I packed a lunch.  It was going to be a long day.  At one point, I prayed for some food, and not long after, some random guy gave me an ice cream cone, not the most nutritious thing, but I like Ice cream and God is good.  Then on the bus ride home, the girl I sat next to shared her supper with me.  It was all very awesome, good food and good company.  When I finally arrived back to my flat, I decided to make some toast.  I put my toast in and left the room, nobody ever told me that British toasters are much more powerful than American toasters (step it up America), so smoke quickly started filling the flat.  Smoke detectors began blaring (it was nearly 11 at night).  The speaker for the school was my flat-mate, and he had been sleeping for about 3 hours at this point.  So he wasn’t too happy at the rude interruption.  But we got things sorted quick enough, it luckily didn’t set off the fire alarms in the mansion, which it normally does, so thank God for that.

My week at the Kings Lodge in England finished out strong, I had sat in on a few different biblical lectures, and had great fellowship with the staff and students there.  It was a week very well spent, growing closer to God in community.  However, come Thursday evening, I still had no idea where I would be going that next morning.  Just a few minutes before I was going to call one of my friends in Northern England to see about crashing there for a day, I got an email about coming to the base in Wales.  So, I quickly booked a train ticket, said some good byes, got my stuff ready and went to bed.  Wales, I am coming for you.

Upon arriving in Wales at the base, I quickly understood that this would be a completely different feel from what I had experienced at the base in England.  You see, the base in England had about 80 people around it.  The base in Wales had around 3, including me.  And two of them were leaving shortly after I got there.  So, after a quick bit of alone time, I decided I needed some food.  So I went to the local Tesco (very similar to Wal-Mart, but nowhere near as good #walmartisbetter).  After about 10 minutes of wandering around Tesco, something dawned on me: I had no idea what the people here were saying.  It was in that moment that I realized that Welsh people actually speak welsh.  You may think that is obvious, but a lot of these other languages in the U.K. are nearly dead languages that only the very old, nearly dead people speak.  Wales was officially a foreign country.  Completely not America.  Nor England.  Literally, Wales is not America, nor is it England.  It’s not even Ireland or Scotland.  Wales, is very much Wales.  Welsh people have an interesting perspective on Wales, both hating it with all they have, yet not being able to comprehend the idea of living elsewhere, having a deeply-rooted patriotism that some Americans have been known to embrace and understand.

I then went back to base, got into my room, and I didn’t leave my room for nearly 48 hours.  Except for the occasional bathroom break.  It was just me, the holy Spirit, a 3-foot multi-grain baguette, and some natural peanut butter.  It was quite the 2-day party.  It was some awesome Father-son time, where I got to dig into God and really just be alone with him.  It was a very blessed time.

When I finally did venture out into the streets, on the Sunday (this morning), I decided I wanted to go to church.  So upon asking some random people, they pointed me towards a church on the hill with a tall cathedral.  I then found myself sitting through a very traditional, Anglican service.  As I have sat through many Irish-Catholic church services, this was nothing new to me.  I found out then, that this was the church of none-other than the welsh merchant Elihu Yale, whom the American university “Yale University” is named after.  You have maybe heard of it?  Yale University was named after this guy, because in 1718 he sold a bunch of stuff and gave it to the university, to help them get started.  Anyway, this guy was buried at this church, Shaniqua got a picture with his grave spot.  Also, one of the stones of this church was given to Yale university in 1918, and one of Yale’s stones was given to this church.  Not that it matters, it was just a super random, fun fact.

Today has redeemed my time in Wales.  Yesterday I was seriously asking God about why in the world I am in Wales, of all places.  So, when I arrived back to base after Church, after being able to pray for some humans on the street, I came into the base and was very surprised at the people I met there, who were also surprised at my being there.  Apparently the people who initially let me in, had left, and not fully informed the other people that came there.  So, after the brief moment of confusion and verbally sorting things out, I was plunged into an exciting afternoon of meeting new, amazing people, of whom we all knew some of the same people.   I later found myself attending a home church.  At this home church service, we did prayer to receive more of the Holy Spirit, at which point I was totally slain in the Spirit (basically I fell over because of the weight of the Spirit).  At which point God was really speaking to me about wanting to deal with the fear of man I still had, and how he really wants me to become a blinding light in this world, who is completely unafraid to be bold with him.  The lady who had been praying for me got some very specific words all about things God had already been working on with me.  Similar things in regards to fear, but then also a picture of me being like this blinding, fast light.  Essentially after her explanation of what she was feeling from it, was that God created me to be a light that is able to quickly jump around to people and spread the light, that I won’t operate at more “normal” paces of light-spreading.  Whatever that means, I was very excited to hear about it.  I was then able to pray with and encourage a new believer, which was awesome.

Anyways, this is all a very jumbled, quick summary of a few things that have gone on this week.  On Tuesday I am taking a train through the ocean (yes you read that right, technology is pretty cool), and going over to Ireland.  I may send an update before Sunday of next week, we will just see what happens.  I am incredibly excited to go back to Ireland though, I will actually know people there, which will be a total change from what I have been experiencing.  It is sometimes nice to actually know people when you go somewhere, definitely not necessary, but it is nice and refreshing.  So that’s exciting.

I’ve also been blown away with the ways God is moving back in Havre, that is amazing!  God is moving all over in so many different and beautiful ways.  Keep going after God.

I am incredibly excited for what God has in store for me this week, I’ll keep you posted.

Until next time,

God bless you!

Thanks for reading!

Jesus Loves you!!

  • Julius Trotter (AKA AJP)

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