Julius Trotter


Rostrevor, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom


Quick Summary:  This week has been great!

More in depth:  On Monday I woke up and spur of the moment decided to leave Wales, so I booked a train and ferry and headed out.  Upon my arriving in Dublin, they waved me through immigration without looking at my passport, since I look incredibly Irish.  I look more Irish than the average Irish person, which has now proven to be a useful thing.

Today I am leaving for the 18-day Border walk, we are walking 200 miles to pray for reconciliation in Northern Ireland, between the Catholics and Protestants.  This is the reason I am posting this today and not on Sunday.  I won’t really have access to internet very often along the way, and I also can’t bring my laptop.  Due to those two things, my next update probably won’t be for a few weeks, so I just wanted to quickly touch base and let you guys know why I won’t be updating you.

This week since I have gotten back to Northern Ireland has been awesome.  I have been able to reconnect with a lot of my old friends from DTS, as well as make new friends with a DTS that is here on their outreach.  It has been a joy just catching up with each other on all the things God is showing and teaching us, since we last saw one another.

One challenge God has really put on my heart for this border walk, is to find at least one person in each town we stay in and let them know that Jesus loves them.  Basically, that we are praying over the land and speaking love over the land for God to come and touch the hearts of the people and bring reconciliation amongst them.  However, speaking that love directly into the people instead of over the land, is much more effective, since ultimately, we are hoping that the people will be touched by these prayers we pray.  I’m excited for what God does on this walk, I do believe it is going to be an incredible time of growing in community closer to God.

Anyway, I don’t have a lot of time to go super in depth about various conversations I’ve had and people I’ve met, I must get going in about an hour and I still need to pack.  It will probably be a while until my next update.

Thanks for reading!

Until next time!

God Bless you!

Jesus loves you!

  • Julius Trotter (AKA AJP)

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