Julius Trotter

June 26th, 2017

Edinburgh, Scotland


Quick Summary:  I’m alive and well.  Things are good.


Where do I even begin?  You ever have those times when someone you haven’t seen in a long while comes to you and asks you the age-old question: “how have things been?”  And you become dumb-struck suddenly, not because you lack things to say, but because there is so much to say that you would be standing there telling them about it for a couple hours and you know that they are only asking you this question to be polite, expecting the standard response of “good.”  So then when it seems like there is no other option, you give the age-old response of “good.”  As I sit here writing and I am asking myself the question “how have things been?”  I am confronted with the dilemma of whether I just say “good,” or I attempt to explain what has been going on in my life these last 3 weeks.  While I very much want to say that things have been “good” for the sake of time and to put a close on the last few weeks, I am going to do my best to explain myself a bit more than that.  I will do my best to keep things short, but I can’t guarantee anything.


What have I been up to?  Since my last update I have successfully walked over 200 miles across the border of Ireland and Northern Ireland (yes, they are two different countries).  We walked across the Island praying for peace, reconciliation and love.  If you want to read about the history of what has happened between these countries, you can read about “the troubles.”  Basically, for various political reasons, people fought, hurt and killed each other in the name of religion on this island, primarily a lot of the fighting took place in Northern Ireland as well as some border towns in the republic.  So currently, while there is no longer the constant fighting or a physical border between the countries, there is in a sense, still borders in people’s hearts.  There is resentment in people’s hearts towards the “them” group, in this battle of “them and us.”  There is so much hurt people have towards God, due to the terrible things that were done in God’s name.  There, the “them and us” groups are the Catholics and protestants.  This is where we took our stand.  No longer letting labels separate us, we joined together in unity.  Catholics and Protestants walking together hand in hand (primarily figuratively).  Walking together in a prophetic action as we walked with the cross.  The cross whom a lot of people there have begun to associate with sectarianism and pain, due to the misuse of it.  We went out to walk being sons and daughters of God praying for the people in that land.  So much happened.

For me, I realized a long time ago that I can’t change the world.  In my own strength, I have no power to eternally affect someone else’s life.  However, I also realized that while I may not be able to change the whole world, God in me can use me to completely change someone’s world.  Upon completely changing someone’s world, you have in a sense changed the world.  Someone’s world.  That there is a partition in their life from before the time they met you and the God in you, and the time after they met you and the God in you.  How the way they viewed the world changed upon encountering the eternal God of love.  This is where my journey of the last few weeks begins.

You ever just hear God telling you to do something, whether it is big or small and you have absolutely no idea what is going to happen with it, but you decide to say yes to it?  For me, that small thing was the words “Jesus loves you.”  God was giving me words for this border-walk that he wanted me to tell people that Jesus loves them.  He spoke to me about the fact that we are walking and praying for this land, not because we want to see the grass grow better, but because we want people’s hearts to be changed.  That upon speaking out the words Jesus loves you to the people we meet, it is not only speaking that love into the land, but it is speaking that love directly into the people.  The power these words have is incredible.  While everyone on the island knows the name Jesus, nearly the majority don’t really know who Jesus is.  Due to the nature in which Jesus’s name was used: in violence, hate sectarianism, many people associate Jesus’s name with one of hate.  Oh, how wrong they are.  You see, it isn’t God they have the issue with, it is the people who misrepresented God that they have problems with.  They then believe that the misrepresentation of God is God himself, which couldn’t be farther from the truth.  We walked to change that view.

I believe this was one of my favorite mission’s trips because it truly required you to dig in.  What do I mean?  Well, you see many mission trips you go on people have every detail planned, essentially optimizing your time and making it as easy as possible for you to share the Gospel and be Jesus with skin on to the people around you.  While you may think that walking across the border of two countries with a cross would be the epitome of optimization for sharing the gospel, it wasn’t.  It provided many opportunities to share the gospel, but it required you as the individual to grab ahold of those opportunities and do something with them.  This was so powerful.  Why?  Because this mirrored everyday life.  If you believe there is no way that going across the ocean, then spending two and a half weeks walking across a couple countries with a cross could possibly mirror everyday life, then you are wrong.  Sorry.  We like to think that mission’s is something we do in other countries, but it isn’t.  It is a part of life, no matter where you are.  On this walk, God would put people in front of us whom maybe say hello to us, or even ask us what we are doing.  Then maybe we get into a conversation with them.  We are thrown into a world with a big choice.  We can make this conversation a good conversation, or we can make this conversation a God conversation.  Getting rid of one letter and adding a capital changes everything in the conversation, trust me.  Even on this walk where we would get into conversations with random people, we could just tell them the basics of what we are doing.  Which does say a lot in and of itself.  Or we could tell them so much more.  Even if it is just the basic 3 words we should all memorize and be able to say to anyone, “Jesus loves you.”

Don’t fear evangelism.  I’ll say it again.  Don’t fear evangelism.  I really don’t like the word evangelism, it seems like this big, scary thing.  It isn’t.  What is evangelism?  Evangelism is loving on people and sharing God’s heart for people.  What are the two big commandments Jesus gives us in Matthew?  1.  Love God with all your heart, mind and strength.  2.  Love each other as yourself.  Then as Jesus is ascending into heaven, he tells us to go forth into all the world and share the gospel.  What do these things mean?  They mean that we are meant to share God’s heart for people.  We have a personal, loving relationship with God, not so we can hold it in and be secretive with it, but so we can be beacons of hope to those around us.  In the sermon on the mount, Jesus tells us that we are called to be the salt and light of the world.  People who make things better and bring people closer to the God who eternally loves them.  I don’t know if you realize this, but God loves you.  He loves the telemarketer who keeps calling your house.  He loves your brothers, sisters, parents, sons and daughters.  He loves Hitler.  He loves the orphans and children.  He loves Donald Trump.  Our God is eternal, he isn’t limited by our very finite conceptions of love.  We each get God’s whole heart.  He doesn’t chop his heart up into 7 billion pieces to give each of us a sliver.  That isn’t our God.  Our God gives us his whole heart and love, and he does the same to each of us.  That seems baffling and hard to understand and impossible, but it excites me to no end.  I don’t want to follow a God who I can grasp and understand completely with my limited understanding.  I’ve heard this sort of love talked about in relation to deeply loving parents.  How with each new kid a parent has, their love for the previous kids won’t diminish at all, but their capacity to love grows.  That each kid the parent deeply loves, but in a special way.  While a parent of 3 kids may love each child the same amount, the love may be in 3 different ways.  That each child holds a special place in the parent’s heart.  I believe that God has a special place in his heart for everyone, that we get God’s whole heart in a special, relational way that is specific to who we are in him.

What does this deep love God has for people and the special place in his heart he has for each of us have to do with evangelism?  Everything.  Essentially when you strip away everything that is evangelism and get it down to the bare bones, you realize that all it is, is love and truth.  Sharing the truth about Gods love.  Again, you don’t have to fear evangelism.  So often people think that to be a successful evangelist they need to take someone from completely unbelieving to a deeply believing follower of Jesus, within one conversation.  That is so far from the truth.  Anything we do that can take people even one millimeter closer to the truth of God’s love for them is evangelism.  In your life, you may never see the fruit of seeds you plant, but that doesn’t make you any less of an evangelist.  We are all evangelists, whether you want to admit it or not.  It won’t look the same for all of us, but it is still the truth.  Jesus has already called us to love others as ourselves and share his gospel.  Why do we feel the need to wait for a big arrow from the sky pointing at a person with the words “love this person” for us to do that?  Jesus has already told us to do so.

What are we missing as Christians that is making It so difficult to live out the lifestyle Christianity of loving people and sharing the truth of God’s love to people?  Practice.  If you ever were a child playing an instrument or a sport, you were probably bombarded by a parent encouraging you to practice.  Were they encouraging us to practice because they liked seeing us suffer?  Not at all.  They encouraged us to practice because they saw our potential, even though we didn’t see it ourselves.  They knew we could only live up fully to our potential through practice.  This concept is the same with God and who we are in God.  God sees the potential we have to be power houses of love, but knows that in order to live up to this potential of love, we have to practice.  When Jesus calls us to love God with all our strength and love others as ourselves, that isn’t a passive call, it is an active call to an action of practice.  Jesus telling us that is the same idea as a parent telling their child to practice their instrument or sport.  So, where do we start?  We start where we are, with what we have, however we can.  Have you ever been around another person?  I’m going to go out on a whim and guess that you have at some point been around another person.  Each person you are around you get an opportunity to practice love.  But how often do we do that?  As the church body, we have a very safe environment to practice love amongst each other.  But how often do we do that?  How often do we tell our fellow Christians that Jesus loves them, or ask God for words of encouragement for them, or pray with them in person?  If we aren’t even sharing Gods love with our fellow friends and Christians, whom we care about.  How can we expect to be able to share God’s love with random people we have never met?  If we aren’t even asking our fellow Christians if we can pray for them, how can we expect to be able to ask a random person on the street if we can pray for them?  The practice of love starts where we are, with what we have, at whatever level we are at.

Anything can become normal.  That includes loving people.  You can hardwire your brain to be a brain that loves people and speaks life.  How?  Practice.  Do you realize that as humans we develop speech patterns?  We all have speech patterns.  They are usually things we aren’t fully aware of, but are there nonetheless.  We all have a unique way of speaking, what words we use at what times.  When we become aware of the fact that through repetition words become a part of our speech patterns, and through lack of repetition and conscious effort to stop saying things, other words can be removed from our speech patterns.  This is so exciting!  Seriously, how cool is God?  Why am I getting so excited over speech patterns?  Because the things Jesus tells us isn’t just some imaginary thing, but it is a part of our biology.  If anyone doesn’t believe in a creator God, have them take an anatomy and physiology course.  This is what is so exciting about practicing love.  Loving people can in a very physical as well as spiritual sense become a part of who we are.  Biologically speaking, as we speak out love and life, over time and repetition, it becomes a natural part of our speech patterns.  Try it for yourself, as you say good bye to someone, just say God bless you, or Jesus loves you, or something.  Keep doing that every single time you say good bye, I’ll bet before long you will be doing it without even thinking about it.  On a side note another amazing aspect of this:  You know how Paul (pretty sure it was Paul), talks about speaking things out and that the darkness cannot hide when it is brought to the light (or something along those lines).  This again isn’t just an imaginary, interesting idea.  It is another biological thing.  When you speak out something that you ashamed of, in your brain it takes that nerve that associates itself with a bad feeling, hurt and shame and attaches it to a nerve that has a good feeling, a sense of acceptance and love.  And that each time you speak that thing out, the nerve continually gets stronger.  Some of these things we read about in the bible, aren’t just figurative things, they are quite physical things that biologically affect our brains and who we are.

I urge you to begin practicing love.  With this you could use the analogy of running a mile.  Running a mile seems terrifying when all you have ever done is sit on a couch, eat crisps and watch tv.  It seems impossible for you, as though it is something that other people are capable of, but not you.  But then when you decide fully that you are going to run this mile and even though you might be a bit sore the first time, you continue to do it every day for the next 100 days.  All of a sudden, running a mile is no longer something scary to you, but it is something that you are fully capable of doing and you are quite firm in your new found capability.  You realize that it is something you were able to do all along, but it wasn’t until you started doing it that you fully realized the reality of what you can do.  Such is practicing love.  If we never speak out God’s love and life, it will always continue to seem scary and intimidating.  But when we decide to just go for it and continue going for it, it quickly becomes a part of who you are and what you know you can do.  Do not fear evangelism.

Do not fear evangelism, fear God.  Love God, love people, that is evangelism and that is what we are called to do.  Live a life that practices love.  You don’t need to go overseas to practice love.  If you ever see people in your life, you can practice love.

So why did walking the border between the republic and Northern Ireland mirror normal life?  Because there were people around, and we could practice loving them, or not, just like normal life.  I loved this mission because you had to decide for yourself to love the people you met, just like normal life.  As you continue to do so, you realize it isn’t a thing that is just for a mission, but something for normal life.  Going on a mission can make you more aware of the opportunities God presents you to speak love and life into people, and how you had those same opportunities back home, but you were so consumed in what is going on in your own life that you never even attempted to love those around you.  That is why I loved this mission.  Because it really wasn’t that out of the ordinary when compared to living normal life.  You weren’t in some crazy environment, you were just walking and having conversations with people.  It was up to you to press in to it.  The people around you weren’t going to force you to do it, you had to decide for yourself to do it.

Anyway, sorry for the long rabbit trail, but the whole aspect of practicing love has been on my mind a lot lately and I really believe it is something we are missing a lot as a church.  There is lots more I would love to say about many other subjects, but I feel I need to move on to what I’ve been doing.

During the walk, I did brief journal entries every day.  So, I think the best way to go about it is to briefly summarize each of my brief journal entries for each day of the walk.  Then you can kind of see a lot of what happened during the walk, at least from my perspective.

Day 1 Border-walk: Rostrevor – Newry 03/06/17

This day was about a 9-mile walk, on the walk I kept saying Jesus loves you to each person I walked by.  Which caused a bit of annoyance amongst quite a few people on the walk, but God eventually worked things out in their hearts.  There was a man named Peter busking on the street who we prayed for.  There was a lady passing out tracks on the street, who we could talk with and thank for what she is doing and share Gods heart for, then to pray with her and her Husband who is the pastor of a local church in Newry.  They then prayed for us and blessed us.  That evening we went to a coffee shop called the tin house, which are a very popular thing in Ireland, they are coffee shops that donate a big amount of their profits to people in need around the world, it is a wonderful thing.  We had a short message and a worship time, at that point it had been a while since I had, had a worship time with fellow Ywamers, and it was super blessed.  During the first couple days of the walk, there was an outreach team from a base in France with us, I really enjoyed getting to know them better.  At the tin house, after the worship session, there was this guy there named John who God was really speaking to me about.  Upon telling him some stuff and praying for him, he was tearing up a bit, you could see God working more in his heart.  Even though he was a believer, he really needed that encouragement.  Part of being the church body is encouraging each other and loving each other.  On the way to the church we were staying at, Katie and I were walking the cross back.  We passed by a big group of people, who began shouting at us.  Which was very cool, it showed that what we are doing is very much not a normal thing, and is a very prophetically active thing.  On the walk back, as I said Jesus loves you to different people I passed, God kept saying “I sent my son to die for him/her.”  Each time, which was amazing.  The first day was definitely a great start, we were all a wee bit sore, but it wasn’t too bad.

Day 2 Border-walk: Newry – Crossmaglen 04/06/17

This day was about a 16-mile walk.  What a randomly epic day.  There was this random guy named Mick who was out at this local event with his kids, who we could pray for and bless.  Then one of our local contacts named Ann introduced me to a guy at this event.  He was so blown away by my resemblance to Ed Sheeran that he had a good conversation with me, where after talking for a while he mentioned to me that he runs/works at a radio station and would love to interview me about the walk we are doing.  He interviewed me about what was going and had me sing a line of Ed Sheeran, as well as my teammates Megs and Ben who said a bit for the interview.  After the interview, we talked a bit more, then moved on.  At this point us 3 had gotten way behind the main group, but we felt to keep walking, instead of getting a car ride back to the group.  As we kept going, we got stopped by a random farmer guy who we got into a good conversation with and began telling us all about what life there had been like during the troubles and what life is like now, we were able to pray for him and share Gods heart for him.  Again, we were even farther behind, and it started pouring rain.  Luckily some random lady offered us a ride, which we took more for the opportunity to tell her about what we are doing than because of the rain (it rains a lot, so you must get used to that).  We prayed for and told her about how loved she is.  Along the walk a group of us were just sharing our testimonies with each other, which was an amazing time.  The community aspect of the walk is the best, you really get to grow a lot closer together.  That night when we got to our destination, we held a worship and prayer event as well as a BBQ in the town square.  During the worship, a family feud/pub fight broke out across the street from us.  Literally meters from us.  They were hitting each other with lead pipes and there was a lot of blood.  While the scene was very terrible, it was cool to see in the physical the bitterness and resentment that is in the hearts of people, which is the reason we are praying in the first place.  I called the police, but was told to stop, only to find out that the police coming to that town is about the worst thing that can happen, due to the mind-set that the police are the enemy.  After that whole situation, we had a bit of debrief time and a worship and prayer session.  Which was good.

Day 3 Border-walk Crossmaglen – Darkley 05/06/17

This day was about a 12-mile walk.  In the morning, we said good bye to the France outreach team and prayed for them.  At lunch, we stopped right on the border between the two counties.  I sent a projectile over an international border, it was a rock.  My day was filled with catching up with old friends and getting to know new ones.  At one point, there was a man who stopped us and was handing out tracks about Martin Luther.  He was essentially trying to convert Catholics to be Protestants.  We could pray for him, having a Catholic there to pray with him as well.  That night we ate a ton of pizza, I ate about 15 slices.  Then went to an event with a pastor from America named Brian Zahnd.  He has quite a few good books, if you are ever interested in him.  There was great music from our friend’s Irish band.  A lady gave a testimony about how some people murdered her husband, and she forgave them and moved forward.  It was all a night focused on reconciliation and it was beautiful.  We got a ride back to where we were staying with some locals who work a lot with the churches, so we were able to pray for them and bless them.

Day 4 Border-walk Darkley, day off 06/06/17

This was our day off, we were staying in a big mansion, it was the only time on the walk where we had beds.  Most of us slept in until almost noon.  The day was spent relaxing, playing games with each other and just enjoying being in community.  It was a really great day off.  Especially since after this day we have 6 walking days in a row.

Day 5 Border-walk Darkley – Monahen 07/06/17

This was a good day, it was about a 14-mile day, except that my knee essentially gave out on the last 4 miles or so, so I couldn’t complete the whole day, which was sad.  That night we had a prayer and worship night at the church we were at, which had a ton of locals that showed up.  I played mandolin in the worship band, it is funny because people want mandolin in their bands, where nobody ever asks you to play in the band with your ukulele.  At the event, I met this girl who looked like she was in her mid-20s, but was only 12 years old.  It was wild.  The church we were at that day was the nicest church of the whole walk, we had carpet to sleep on and there was even showers and mirrors in the bathrooms.  It was the lap of luxury.

Day 6 Border-walk Monahen – Mulafad 08/06/17

This day was great, it was about a 15-mile day.  My knee felt great and made me happy and was an answer to prayers.  During the walk Daniel and I got talking to a lady whose husband had recently, randomly died.  We prayed with her and encouraged her.  On the walk, we were rained on so hard.  I’ve never experienced rain like that, it felts like I was swimming through the air.  Luckily the church we were at had heaters, though the whole place smelled like wet dog in no time.  We had a worship and prayer night.  It was a good day, just speaking and growing together in community with each other.

Day 7 Border-walk Mulafad – Fivemiletown 09/06/17

This day was the shortest day of our journey, we only had a 7-mile walk, we had great conversation and got to have a hot lunch for a change.  That evening we went to a neighboring city and held a worship and prayer session, where a local guy one of the girls had met earlier that day came, which was awesome.

Day 8 Border-walk Fivemiletown – Lisniskea 10/06/17

This day was about a 12-mile walk.  One side of my body got sunburned, and we got wet, such is the weather in Ireland.  We had a time of just soaking in God’s presence, just meditating on who he is, where God was speaking to me about calling me to be someone who goes into the whole world.  In this town Daniel had a conversation with a man who claimed to be the person who had murdered many people in a church in Darkley.  That was crazy.  That night I nearly froze to death, we were sleeping in a deep basement with freezing cold concrete floors, but beside that the day was good.

Day 9 Border-walk Lisniskea – Derrylynn 11/06/17

This day we walked about 9-miles, we started a bit later in the day which was nice.  The room we stayed at that night had carpet, which was living in the lap of luxury.  The heaters also worked.  At the prayer and worship night, I got talking with this old lady named Matilda who was fantastic.  Such a loving lady who has spent her life on a local farm and has really poured into the community, which was incredible.  I love meeting locals.  The men at bed time were all very giggly and we had a really fun time making jokes, until the girls yelled at us to go to bed.

Day 10 Border-walk Derrylynn – Kilawney 12/06/17

This day the town we were going to was technically only 3-miles away, but a local pastor named Richard lead us on a 12-mile walk, to show us various historical points.  It was interesting.  On the walk Daniel and I got talking with some construction workers, whom we could pray with and speak life into, one of them named Sean seemed very interested and moved by it all.  Then we ran into a couple older ladies who we prayed for.  That night we had an amazing supper made by Megs, and even had dessert brought to us by some locals.  That night we met a local named Violet, who is this very passionate old woman who has been praying for this community intensely for the last 40 years.  It was incredible, because she was talking about how us walking was an answer to her prayers.  A few of us were able to pray for her and bless her.  That night I got a bit crazy and was walking around with a guitar making up songs about what was going on.  It was fun.

Day 11 Border-walk Kilawney Day Off 13/06/17

We had a day off then, but the place we were staying at was having a funeral at it, so we had to leave the building for most of the day.  Most people went to a neighboring city, but me and a few others stayed in the town and went to a small church hall.  There was a crappy keyboard there, but Agathe and I wrote a song about tea, which was fun.  Then when we got back to the main place we were staying, Daniel and I started Jamming, until a couple of our girls began dancing.  It quickly turned into a full-on dance party, where a group of us were dancing outside, overlooking some of the most majestic mountainous views that Ireland offers, it was a very beautiful, scenic moment.  You have to love living in community.

Day 12 Border-walk Kilawney – Belcoo 14/06/17

This day of the walk was my favorite one at this point in the walk.  It was about a 12-mile walking day.  I had really great conversation with people.  At one point Daniel got talking to a couple of people and prayed for them, who God gave me words about the lady’s knee, that I could pray for healing, which was incredible, because I had been asking God about growing in that area.  Asanda was talking with this lady, who I joined in on the conversation, and then Asanda prayed for her.  Then when we got to our destination, we were waiting around at this park, waiting to be shuttled to the place we were sleeping at.  While there, I saw the same lady Asanda had been talking to earlier, but she was with a man.  I knew there was a reason we happened to meet again, so I went over and talked with them.  Upon talking with them I found out the man was her husband, and it was their 37th anniversary, they were waiting around to go to a restaurant that is apparently very famous.  As I was about to walk away, I asked them if I could pray for them a blessing for continued love in their marriage.  As I asked that, the husband became very uncomfortable.  He eventually said that he doesn’t believe in God, but he respects people’s rights to believe in whatever they want and said he would tolerate a blessing.  However, the wife got mad at him and was telling him about how I am not asking him to tolerate a blessing, but to receive a blessing.  After that, it took him a minute of pondering to decide whether to let me.  Finally, he let me, and during the prayer I could just see something changing in his eyes, and he ended up being very thankful.  I really felt God had moved him a little closer into belief in him.  Then Daniel and I prayed for a guy named John, who was a believer and an evangelist, and he prayed for us in return.  Then we were working out at some park gym, and when some local teens came, we were telling them about how much God loves them.  That night we had an impromptu worship session, which turned out to be amazing, we had a big time of just encouraging each other, it was very powerful.  Showing yet again how important it is to build each other up.

Day 13 Border-walk Belcoo – Belleek 15/06/17

This day was our longest day at this point, it was about 18 miles long.  I ended up talking with Alex for 4-hours about all sorts of things.  Throughout the day, we got to pray with various people we met.  One guy was named John Cunningham, which is funny, because the founder of Ywam was named Loren Cunningham.  A small group of ladies from a bible study group made us a bunch of food and dessert, it was delicious, we had a worship session with them.  It was a fantastic day.

Day 14 Border-walk Belleek – Kesh 16/06/17

This day was the longest day of our border-walk, we ended up walking nearly 20-miles.  Sam started up a conversation with some painters, who we then got talking to and prayed with.  Daniel was praying for one guy we met, and during his prayer, God spoke to me about the man’s hip, which I prayed for healing on.  Then Jessie and I got talking to 2 older men who stopped to talked to us and Jessie prayed for them.  That day I made up about an hour and a half story to Bethany about some random house we passed and the people that lived there, it was hilarious.  Once we got Kesh, we had a quick worship session.  There was an orange parade going on, which is basically this extremist protestant group.  Most of us went into the town to watch the parade.  Daniel, Lauren, Mirelle and I got talking with a bunch of random people and were praying with a few random people.  Eventually we got talking to a couple young guys named Rodney and Simon.  Daniel could pray for them, which was an incredible thing, because these two came from a Protestant background, and Daniel is a Catholic, and this was happening while an orange parade was going on behind us.  It was very powerful.  On the walk, back to the place we were staying, Daniel and I felt that the guy named Rodney was really searching for more and that there was more God wanted to do with him, so we prayed for an opportunity to speak with him again.  It was a very cool day overall.

Day 15 Border-walk Kesh Day Off 17/06/17

We stayed at a youth center on this day off, where they had lots of video games.  I played a ton of guitar hero.  At one point, I went outside and laid on the cement, except I accidently laid on a spider nest and had a bunch of spiders crawling on me and biting me, which wasn’t fun.  Bethany had her birthday party on this day, so that evening a group of us went to a local pub to celebrate.  Upon my entering the door, God answered my prayers and Rodney welcomed me into the pub.  As he did that, God hit me with a bunch of things he wanted me to tell Rodney.  We went to a back room and at the table I was frantically writing down all the words God had given me for Rodney, I carry around a notebook everywhere.  Eventually when the rest of my group were up getting another drink, I went into the main section of the pub to talk to Rodney, but he wasn’t in there.  I knew that I would see him again.  We continued with the night, and when we left about an hour later, as we were leaving, I ran into Rodney on the way out.  I asked to talk with him and as I told him the words God had given me for him, he got a wee bit teary eyed.  He talked about how everything I had told him were things he had only ever told his girlfriend in deep secrecy and there’s no way I could have known about them.  He said that I scared him by doing this.  He said that he had grown up affiliating himself as a Protestant, but he never believed in God, nor went to church.  He then went on to say that there must be a God if encounters like this could happen.  We talked for an hour about various things and I shared Gods heart for him and prayed with him.  I gave him my number because he wanted to know more.  This whole encounter was my favorite thing of the border-walk, and I felt as though it was the single most powerful way God has ever used me to touch someone else’s life.  It genuinely made my whole trip to Europe worth it.  Keep Rodney in your prayers.

Day 16 Border-walk Kesh – Castlederg 18/06/17

This day was a 14-mile day.  The day started out with me talking to a guy named Jimmy, who I prayed for.  For most of the walk I talked with Lauren and we had a really nice day.  A group of us nearly got hit by a car, so we had to have a meeting about walking in a safer way, because we became very comfortable on the road.  We had an amazing worship night when we got there.  That night we slept in a hall that was shared with a masonic hall above it.  That night when we were at the pub, the bartender was an atheist, but we prayed for her and share God’s heart for her, which was awesome.

Day 17 Border-walk Castlederg – Strabane 19/06/17

Today was around a 10-mile walk.  It was a very chill day.  I talked with Pia for a while, then I made up another random story for Bethany.  We ran into a grandma and her granddaughter and we prayed for them and her granddaughters hurt foot.  Pia prayed for a lady who stopped on the side of the road to find out what we were up to.  We had a great time of worship that night.

Day 18 Border-walk Strabane – Derry/London-Derry 20/06/17

This was the last day of walking on the border-walk.  It was about a 14-mile walking day.  I started the day off with praying for some random construction worker.  I had great conversation with people along the way, that night we stayed in a beautiful old church with a massive pipe organ that I got to play.  Then we were out at a pub and a very drunk guy named Steffan got talking with Daniel, and he was hitting him with a whole lot of the love of Jesus.  It was amazing.  The last day was great, we met the mayor of the city and got to pray for him.  I found a mattress in a closet, so I had a great night of sleep.

Day 19 Border-walk Derry/London-Derry – Rostrevor 21/06/17

This day we drove all the way back to Rostrevor.  It was weird to drive along paths in minutes that had taken us hours to walk just a couple weeks prior.  Everyone was really exhausted when we got back to base.

There you have it, a very brief summary of the days of border-walk and some things I’ve been thinking about.  If you were wondering I was using the dating system of every country that isn’t America it’s day/month/year.  It makes a lot more sense than America’s method.  After border-walk I went to Daniels home in Dublin for a few days, then I went to Scotland.  I am currently in Scotland until Wednesday, at which point I will be flying to Prague in Czech Republic for a big prayer gathering.  After that I will be traveling around to various places.  I am excited for things to come.

I am sorry about the mildly long post, I just wanted to give you a solid update on things.

Thanks for reading

Until next time,

God bless you,

Jesus loves you

  • Julius Trotter (AKA AJP)


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