Andrew Potter

Havre, Mt USA

March, 21st 2018

Quick Summary:  It has definitely been a minute or two since my last post.  As I look back and read my previous posts, I feel as though this one may be less exciting, but either way, here you go!

More in depth:  When I got back from Europe last year, I was instantly thrown into a small family reunion of sorts.  At my aunt and uncles lake house.  It was very strange going from not knowing hardly anyone, and not speaking the language to being surrounded by family that I’ve always known, and hearing a language I’ve always known.  I found the “reunion” to be quite difficult.  For one, everyone liked to have an opinion on what they thought I should do with my life.  For two, mostly they thought I was just gallivanting around the world (which to a degree I was at that particular time), but it caused them to not even want to hear about the amazing things God had done during my travels.  So I found the few days with family to be filled with some serious culture shock.

After the few days at the “reunion,” I got back home to good ol’ Havre, Montana.  I was overwhelmed with how familiar everything was, familiar people, familiar things, familiar foods and familiar smells.  It was quite the shock.  Not long after I got back I had to make the decision of whether I would be attending the nursing school at the local university that I had been accepted to.  At the time I felt like God wanted me to go to an SBS (School of Biblical Studies), with YWAM in South Africa.  So I applied to that school, confident that I would get in, and I turned down my acceptance to the nursing school.  I then challenged the CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) test and got my old job back at the local care center.  Since I had foolishly not recertified before I left for Europe.

However, they didn’t have nearly the amount of hours available that I needed, and when I did get to work, I would often get sent home early because there wasn’t enough work to go around.  So, an opportunity came up for me to be the guitar player in an orchestra for the musical “Tarzan.”  There was only a very small problem.  I didn’t play guitar, and I didn’t read music (I still don’t realistically).  However, I love adventures, so I agreed to the part.  This lead to me spending a big chunk of my time out of each of my days practicing the guitar.  The problem was, is I wasn’t even practicing the music we were supposed to be playing, I was basically trying to learn how to hold the darn thing and trying to get my fingers tough enough to not bleed.  But by the end of the musical, I could play the guitar to a slightly above beginner level, which was pretty exciting to me.

Due to still not getting many hours at the care center, I ended up finding a seasonal position at our local UPS center.  The job paid very well, but my position seemed useless.  I was hired in as the seasonal supervisor to the seasonal employees, but we really only had about 3 seasonal employees.  So I didn’t have to do that much, I just helped load the truck, answer phones and whatever else they needed doing.  The long story short was that I was basically robbing them.

After the seasonal UPS job, I ended up getting a job at the boys and girls club, which was a totally different experience.  I was supposed to be the science guy.  The problem was, was we had about 2 and a half hours worth of time that we needed to entertain these kids each day. Science isn’t the most interesting of subjects to the average 6-10 year old.  So trying to do things that were both educational and fun was quite interesting.  The long story short of it, is that the classroom I was in is now a lot worse for wear, with carpets that are now tye-dyed due to slime, play-dough and all the other shenanigans that took place in there.  It was quite an interesting job, but it was short-lived because I got a job offer I couldn’t refuse.

I was presented with a job opportunity in the next town over to Havre, in a place called Big Sandy.  It was a CNA position at their medical center.  The facility was much more home-like than what I was used to, the staff were very friendly and the residents were truly lovely.  Also, the money was better than what I was making.  So I took the position and have been there since.  It is lovely there, they let me play the piano and guitar to the residents, and I actually get time to spend with the residents.

So, now to back track a bit, remember how I had applied to that SBS in South Africa, confident that I would get accepted, so I turned down the nursing program?  Well, they turned me down.  So I applied to be a counselor at a summer camp and they turned me down.  God has definitely been closing some doors, but another door is bound to open up.

Since being back, I have gotten involved with my churches youth group and started a worship night that meets twice a month.  It has been great getting involved with my church, but I have found the familiar and the daily grind of life to be one of the biggest challenges of living a life on fire for God.  I wish I could say the last few months have been incredible in my pursuit of God, but they honestly haven’t.  I am definitely still pursuing God, but the same passion and gusto I once had for sharing the gospel when I was abroad has faded somewhere along the way.  It is merely a matter of needing to get back at it.  Our relationship with God can’t be an off and on switch, it has to be constant and affect our lives so that it will affect the lives of those around us.  I have found nothing can help your passion for God more than consistently sharing the gospel and God’s love for others.  It is the thing that keeps the fire burning.  I will get back at it before long.

Since being back my parents have seemingly become close friends of mine.  It is hard to find good, consistent Christian community, so its been nice having my parents to talk to about theological things and whatever else.

So what is next for me?  Well, last week a friend and I spent a few days at our local YWAM base.  While there, I spent some serious time in the prayer room, just seeking God on what’s next.  I came to a sense of peace that SBS really is the next step for me on this journey.  While I don’t know for sure where God wants me to do SBS at, I did throw an application at the base in Sunshine Coast, Australia.  There are a few other places I’m looking at going, including the base in Montana, but I know God will direct.  I’m planning on getting out of the Country in May and hitting up a few countries in Latin America.  A friend and I will be going to Belize for a couple weeks.  Then I am planning on visiting friends in Mexico and Columbia.  So that will be fun!  I can’t wait to get out of this country again!

Anyways, that is all for my brief update of what I’ve been doing in the last few months.  For now I am just going to be working as a CNA while being involved in my church.  I’ll take the month of May to go travel, and then work from June until September when SBS starts.

Thanks for reading!

God bless you!

Jesus loves you!

– Andrew Potter

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