Andrew Potter


I’ve beaten myself down

Not because of someone else’s frown

But because I wear the crown of my own will

  What an ill ruler I’ve become

 Doing the things I don’t want and shunning the things I do

 I feel like Paul after his hunt

They call it the lord’s temple

Yet I seem to break down its walls whenever I fall

  The lord helps us all

God have mercy for he knows I don’t answer the call

I shouldn’t be allowed to govern this temple

 Even though my sins in the bin because he was pinned

 I still let the devil win

  Lord I give you my life so I say on my knees

 Barely can see from the tears on my cheeks

 Fast forward a month when I’m back on my feet

You can see where my loyalties keep me

If I’m doing great, a big leap I will take

  If I am doing poor just bet I’ll look worn

  Lord I’m not strong enough for this great crown

 Please take it from me

Before I break down these walls with my inevitable fall

  Filled with grace you are but I’m covered in scars

 With my past and present failures I am lacking the par

What is this feeling anyway?

Why do my feelings get to say how I’ll behave?

Lord you now have the crown for my life

Let your truth wash away the frown of my strife

 Let me not be run by my feelings

But let me run straight to your healing

When temptation calls I won’t answer nor fall

 For my hall is strong in the arms of my king

  No feelings or urges can keep me from purging the evil thoughts from these halls

The great halls of my Lord

Let me stand tall against those that want to see me fall

My Shepard I am here at your feet

You’ve built up these walls, so now I am ready to answer the call

  Lead me like Paul

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