Andrew Potter

Lakeside, Mt, USA

April, 2017

There are two conditions plaguing our generation.  The first is a condition called “YOLO.”  The second is a condition called “FOMO.”  YOLO, you only live once.  First and foremost, this is untrue, we live two lives.  The first life dictating what will happen in our second, eternal life.  We are in a generation where people are lead to believe that we can live how we want, because this our only life and it doesn’t matter.  That is so untrue and my heart breaks for the people who genuinely believe that.  The second condition plaguing our generation: FOMO, this is the fear of missing out.  Our generation lives in constant fear that there might be something better they could be doing.  You can see this so clearly when a group of people from our generation get together and we are all on our phones.  I am as guilty of this as anyone.  We check our feeds from out various unsocial networks, wanting to make sure that the place we are currently at is the best option in the moment.  No longer do we give definite yeses to doing things with people at a future date, we give the ever deceiving “maybe,” so that we can leave that option open, but if a better option comes along we have the freedom to take that.  We think that we do this because we are industrial and new aged, but that is not true.  We do it purely out of fear.  We live in a state of perpetual fear and discontentment.  Never satisfied with our current endeavor, because there “might be a better option.”  This causes us to lack the commitment to things that previous generations had.  You can see this so clearly in the dysfunction of our marriages.  How so often people in our generation live like we are married, living together and having sex together.  Reaping all of the benefits of marriage, but because we are so full of the fear of missing out, we don’t commit our lives to each other, because if a better option does come along, we can still get out and take the best option.  Little do we realize that there is no “best option.”  There is no “best thing,” “best person,” every situation, every relationship is what we make it.  However, we are robbing ourselves from lives full of fulfillment.  Because anything that is truly fulfilling takes real commitment.  We think that things should be pain free, but that is not true, life is tough, anything that is truly worthwhile is going to take effort and commitment.  I pray for our generation.  I pray that we will fully understand the truth that this is not our only life.  I pray that we will understand the areas where we have been disciples of our culture, and that we will instead turn those areas back into areas where Jesus is Lord.  We as humans long for something bigger than ourselves.  Nothing we could buy, no job we could work, no relationship we could have can fill the hole in our lives where the love of God is supposed to be.  We have to get back to the basics and let Jesus be lord of our lives, instead of our culture.

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