Andrew Potter

Tuesday March 27th, 2018

Big Sandy, Mt

Day 2:  To be honest, today went well, but I am currently exhausted.  Coming off a 12+ hour shift at work where I’m on my feet all day and interacting with people all day is just simply tiring.

I find my workplace to be one of the hardest places I’ve ever experienced when it comes to dieting and eating well.  However, today was the first day I’ve had here where I’ve stuck to the eating plan I prescribed to myself.  Which makes me very excited because it helps me to see that I really can do this!

The thing I have to continually focus on is right now, the decisions I am making in this moment, right now, today.  I can’t reach day 40 without day 2.  It is so easy to get focused on the end goal that you forget about the reality of your goals in the moment.  It is easy to forget that in order to achieve these goals, it takes commitment right here and right now.

It is hard, especially when you’ve been going at something for a while, because you start to care less, which is so backwards.  We really should continually care more as we progress in something.  Wouldn’t it be incredible if at every future time you were actually improved in some way while not being hindered in other areas.  For instance, have you ever had those moments where you have to go to a wedding or a reunion, and you will be seeing people you haven’t seen in 5 years.  You get nervous as you realize that you haven’t progressed much in any area of your life and you’ve actually gone downhill in certain areas.  The reality is, we don’t have to live like that.  Just because you’re progressing in some area of your life doesn’t mean you have to let all the other areas in your life fall apart.  It takes daily commitment.

The long story short is I actually had a very good day, even though I had to deal with various forms of crap (literal and figurative), things went well.  Tomorrow will be just as good if not better.

I have found sharing the gospel at work to be very difficult, our culture here in America has really nailed in the idea that you don’t talk about religion or politics at work.  I find that chasm quite hard to cross, there are some wonderful old ladies here who are very strong believers, they are always encouraging me.  I know that I am realistically just being a coward, so that’s something I’ll have to work through.

The devotional this morning was awesome, really just emphasizing that all of the different aspects of ourselves were made for a reason.  That even things that we maybe don’t like about ourselves have a reason for them and that God designed us this way for a reason.

My social media consumption today was essentially non-existent as I didn’t have my phone for the majority of the day, so that makes things easy.

That’s really all for today, day 2 was a success.

Thanks for reading!

God bless you!

Jesus loves you!

– Andrew Potter

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