Andrew Potter

Sunday April 1st, 2018

Havre, Mt

Well, it’s official.  I’m getting married…  April Fools!

Sorry, I had to at least say April fools once today, I realized I haven’t said it all day.

Today’s devotional talked all about God’s glory and how everything is made to glorify God.  The beauty in his creation is all made to glorify him.  We were made in God’s image and are made to glorify him, in all that we do and in all that we are.  It was a very good devotional.


Today was very good, it being a church day I spent my morning at church, I normally would spend my evening there as well, but youth group was canceled due to it being Easter.  So that everyone could spend time with their families and such.

It being Easter I was very encouraged when I was pondering what Christ did for us and what happened as he rose from the dead.  As we remember that he is risen we need to remember that as followers of Jesus, who we once were and the sins that bound us were nailed with Jesus on the cross.  As Jesus rose, defeating death, he didn’t just defeat death for him, he defeated death for us.  As he rose from the dead, when we are in Christ and we accept him into our hearts, we rise from the death and bondage of who we once were.  In Christ we are able to rise as new creations because he rose from the dead.  We are free, no longer slaves to sin.  Imagine for a moment, a slave chained to a wall.  Someone comes along and releases him, his chains clatter to the floor and they open the door for him, showing him the way out.  He is free, but if he stays where he is, he is making the conscious decision to be a slave.  In order for him to really be free, he has to walk out the door and embrace his freedom.  So it is with us in Christ.  We are free, we have been adopted as sons and daughters into God’s family, the door has been opened.  But in order to embrace our freedom we have to make the decision to walk into it.  So often as Christians there are areas of our lives where we are slaves to our sin, at some point forgetting that we are free.  My question is always what areas am I still a slave?  What areas do I need to be acting more like a son of God?  We are free, but in order to embrace that freedom we have to walk into it.


Today we had an Easter lunch, and while you may think it quite small, I would count it as my biggest victory of the entire week.  I only had a small amount of dessert at lunch!  I have a massive sweet tooth, typically once I have any amount of sweets I get wild and end up eating a ton of sweets.  So I usually either have extremes where I completely forego sweets, or I end up eating insane amounts of sweets.  So at lunch I just had a very small portion of dessert, which was such a huge victory for me.  It definitely gives me hope that I will eventually be able to eat anything, just in moderation.


At church today I joined in with a few other men to pray for a mans migraine, while it wasn’t much and nothing miraculous happened, it was kind of the first chip out of the wall of getting back into being very outward with my faith.


I spent the afternoon getting prepped for the week, I made some food for the week that looks like something people feed pigs.  I didn’t actually taste it, I’m just crossing my fingers that it’s good, because I’m going to be eating it all week.


Today was very good!  This week was very good! I’m excited to be getting back on track in life!

That’s all for today!

Thanks for reading!

God bless you!

Jesus loves you!

– Andrew Potter

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