Andrew Potter

Saturday, May 5th 2018

Havre, Mt

The last 40 days have been a serious roller coaster ride.  It’s hard to believe that it has already been 40 days.

During the last 40 days, I’ve gotten some clear direction on what I’m supposed to do with my next year.  I’ve gotten my mind refocused on God.  I’ve gotten my eating more or less under control, that is one that still needs work, I lost a few pounds though, so that’s good.  I’ve gotten a lot more intentional about building good community in Havre.  I’ve  broken the ice in getting back into being outreach focused with my faith.

The last 40 days I’ve overcome various sin patterns by keeping my mind on Christ, rather than the sin.

The last 40 days have been an incredible ride, and I am very happy I did this challenge.  While I could have done better in every area, this challenge was never meant to be a destination, it was meant to be a first step.  I feel as though this challenge has been the first step that I needed.

Over the last 40 days God has really highlighted a few things that he wants me working on.

  1.  My behavior really does matter.  How I act, how I talk should all reflect God and the heart he has for people.  I was convicted on multiple occasions in the last 40 days where I didn’t act or talk the best.
  2. Everything is connected.  God calls us to love him with all of our mind, soul, heart and strength.  Those are all of the different areas that make up a human being.  They all need to be in align, this is connected with my first point.  What we think about needs to align with who has our soul, who has our soul need to align with how we are using our God given passions, and How we are using our God given passions needs to align with how we are using our bodies.
  3. God really does have a purpose for my life.  While I may not know exactly what it is, I loved the concept of the SHAPE acronym which is talked about in the purpose driven life.  S – Spiritual gifts H – Heart A – Abilities P – Personality E – Experiences.  These 5 things will be in line with your life purpose.  The spiritual gifts God has given you, the natural passions you have, the natural abilities you have, the personality you possess, and the experiences you’ve had will all come together to be used for your life purpose.
  4. I have to be patient.  Things happen in Gods timing, not our timing.  This can be frustrating, yet God has his reasons for when things happen and I have to have the faith to trust that he knows best.
  5. Finally… Today really does matter.  We’ve all heard that saying “live each day as if it’s your last.”  I don’t know about you, but I really don’t like that saying.  If today was my last day on earth, I wouldn’t go to work and I wouldn’t be watching what I was eating.  What the saying is trying to say is just to be intentional about each day, but again I don’t like the way it’s worded.  I came up with my own version of this saying which I like a lot better.  “Live each day as if it’s the only day you can make a difference.”  The difference being amongst anything, your weight, your relationships, anything.  We have to grab each day as though this is the only day we can make a difference in anything that’s in our lives.  Because it really is the only day you can make a difference.  Right now is all we have, we don’t live in the past or the future, right now is where we live and right now is where we can make a difference.

Those 5 things have been things God has really been speaking to me about.

Like I’ve already said, the last 40 days have been a wild ride, one that has gone by very quickly.  I’m in a much better place physically, mentally and spiritually than I was when I started.

If you kept track of me the whole way through, thank you for that, it is always nice being supported.

Thanks for reading!

God bless you!

Jesus loves you!

– Andrew Potter

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